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Feature / Slowcoaches - 'Tourists' Split 7"

Image of Feature / Slowcoaches - 'Tourists' Split 7"



660 releases from the end of times, we enshrine Slowcoaches and Feature as horsemen of our measly apocalypse. Sharing members with Sauna Youth/Slowcoaches/Monotony, Feature play with the disaffected mischief of early ATV/Nirvana. Think a Stereolab of the hard left, drone-punks bleed out harmonies to magnify the polyphonic whitewash of now. Slowcoaches up the fuzz for side B. Grunge-metal racket from slackers-gone-spare comes off sounding like L7 if they’d stayed thirsty and miserable or Lou Barlow finally cracking. Split 7" to split the atoms of yr own nuclear winter.

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